Weiss Walkie Training Leash

Weiss Walkie Dog Training Leash

The following is a review of the Weiss Walkie Dog Training Leash. Are you looking to stop your dog from pulling you along on his or her walk? This is a great new product for people looking to leash train your dog in a safe and effective manner.

The Weiss Walkie is great for your average dog walker, and also great for animal shelter workers. It’s immediately accepted by dogs with no training necessary. It will make your walks more enjoyable for you and your dog!

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How Does The Weiss Walkie Work?

The Weiss Walkie works by wrapping around your dog’s barrel and attaches to the buckle collar. It’s design incorporates principles of canine physiology and psychology to quickly and humanely stop pulling. By applying slight pressure around your dog’s barrel, it naturally decreases forward movement. It’s great for dogs that are easily excited as it serves to naturally calm and relax the dog.
This is not a replacement for a good training program, but it is a great supplement to make your time with your dog more enjoyable for you both!

What Sizes Does The Weiss Walkie Come In?

The Weiss Walkie comes in two sizes. They are;
LARGE - Fits most dogs over 25 lbs - and up to 150 lbs
SMALL - Fits most dogs under 25 lbs

Additional Information

The Weiss Walkie Dog Training Leash comes in 4 colors. Black, Red, Hunter Green and Sky Blue. This product is proudly Made in the USA!

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“We have a four year old lab, about 90 lbs, very strong. She has pulled my wife down and we have constantly worried that she will break free and get flattened by a car. We tried the Gentle Leader, a dog trainer, choke collar and a prong collar. None of them really solved the problem. We bought the Weiss Walkie on a recommendation by one of my wife's coworkers, and the difference was amazing. Even when other dogs have enticed her, she is controllable and far more restrained.”

“I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to avoid another round of physical therapy for arm/shoulder/elbow injuries inflicted by their over-zealous four-footed walking companions.”

“We tried other leads, nothing worked. This worked from the minute we put it on her. Seems it's not as invasive to her as other leaders.”

“The Weiss Walkie is an excellent alternative to those head-collars that can be difficult to apply to a hyper, unruly, or over-excitable dog. Although no substitute for good training, it is a useful training adjunct that can help make walking a challenging dog more tolerable....and more shoulder-friendly for the human. Head collars can be distressing to some dogs, causing head-shaking, pawing, and displacement of the strapping. None of that with the Wiess Walkie.”